Landscape Process

Step One:

Your first step to a beautiful landscape is contacting Metzger
Landscaping & Design. We will schedule an appointment to meet with
you and evaluate your property. If you have already established a budget
for the project prior to the initial meeting we encourage you to express
this openly with our designer.

Step Two:

Our landscape designer will meet with you at the proposed project site.
There is a $25 consultation fee for the first meeting. Pictures and
measurements will be taken, as well as additional information helpful to
the design process. We will schedule a second meeting at this time.

Step Three:

During the second meeting, the landscape designer will present the
landscape plan and quote to the client. Any necessary changes and/or
additions can be made at this time. Upon accepting the landscape plan
and quote, both the landscape designer and client will sign a contract. It is
at this time that one-half down payment will be collected to begin the
project. We will schedule an approximate time for the installation phase to
Step Four:

Metzger Landscaping & Design takes care of all the ordinances and
regulations needed for implementation of the proposed landscaping. We
contact all utility companies to insure our safety as well as our clients'.
Next, the installation of the landscaping begins. The jobsite is left neat and
clean at the end of each workday, until the project is completed.

Design Fees:

Do-it-yourself clients may choose to purchase a landscape design for
their project.  Our landscape design fee starts at $250, depending upon
the project size. A typical foundation planting plan around a house is a flat
fee of $250, with additional areas costing $50 per area. Design fees are
credited to the client's account if our firm is hired to install the landscape
and may be applied toward the cost of their project.  Our landscape
designer can give you an estimate for the design fee after accessing the

Getting Started:

In committing your project to Metzger Landscaping & Design, you will
need to:

Activate your bid with a signed contract and 50% deposit
(Landscape Installation contracts only).  Remaining balance will be
invoiced upon completion of installation.

Maintenance contracts are invoiced in (8) equal, monthly payments.

Late payment of the balance will result in a 1.5% late charge (18%
annually) assessed monthly until paid in full.

Our Plant Guarantee:

Metzger Landscaping & Design guarantees the installation and health of:

Plant material:
Trees and Shrubs for (1) year.
Perennials for (3) months

Plant material not guaranteed includes:
- Annuals
- Bulbs
- Sod/Lawn
- Rhododendrons
- Holly
- Groundcover
- Roses

First replacement on non-warranty items will be provided at cost.
Any additional replacements thereafter will be billed at full price.

This guarantee does not cover factors that are out of our control
including but not limited to:

- extreme weather
- animal damage (deer, rabbits, pets, etc)
- salt damage

No adjustments or replacements will be made until the agreed-upon
contract is paid in full.

Failure to make payment according to the terms of the signed contract
shall invalidate any warranty.