Ask the Landscaper
Q&A Newspaper Column
A former horticulture, botany, and
agriculture teacher and owner of Metzger
Landscaping and Design answers reader’s
questions about gardening, plants and
landscaping in North Manchester's News
Journal on a bi-weekly basis.  To send a
question for Leesa Metzger’s “Ask the
Landscaper” column, call us at 260-839-4282,
send us an email or find us on Facebook.
Published Topics:

Time to Plan for Lawn Renovation

Top 10 Garden Trends

Perennial Plant of the Year

Great Evergreens for the Garden

Christmas Trees

Great Gifts for Gardeners

Putting the Garden to Sleep

Tulip Planting Time

Anticipating Frost

How Drought Effects Trees & Shrubs

Fall Mums

Butterfly Bush

Become a Tree Hugger

Big Beautiful Hydrangeas

Weed Control

Butterfly Gardening

Time to Divide Iris

Deterring Rabbits in the Garden

Garden Gifts Moms will Dig for Mother's Day

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Indoor Gardening: Turn an Antique Jar into a

Are Poinsettias Poisonous and other Holiday Plant

Top 10 Great Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

Craft & Garden Activities for Kids during
Thanksgiving Break

The Great Leaf Clean-up

Proper Cleaning and Storage of Garden Tools

Carving Pumpkins--Tradition and Folklore

Fall Garden Chores and Dividing Perennials

Yellow Leaves and Chlorosis

When to Harvest Watermelons in the Garden, &
How to Choose a Good One at the Store

Keeping Hydrangeas Content and Blooming all
Season Long

America's Obsession with Hydrangea

Join AIB for the Dessert in the Garden Event

Tracking Emerald Ash Borer

Tips for Weed Control

Lightening Bugs

Weather Patterns

Annuals for Long Season Color

Going "Green" in the Garden

America in Bloom

Top 10 Garden Trends

Manchester Garden Club Cultivates Interest in

North Manchester's "Welcome to my Garden" Tour

Dividing Perennials

Spring Fever

Propagating Rocks, Pruning Clematis

Winter Pruning Tips for Trees

The Language of Flowers

Perennial of the Year--Hardy Geranium 'Rozanne'

Humorous Signs of a Serious Gardener

Great Gifts for Gardeners

Evergreen Needle Drop

Attracting Hummingbirds to the Garden

Planting Pride in North Manchester--the America in
Bloom Program

Right Plant, Right Pot, Right Spot--Container

South Shore Creates Outdoor Dining

Capturing Curb Appeal with Style

Pruning Techniques, Choosing the Correct Plant

Creating a Japanese Style Garden

Outdoor Rooms Create Extra Living Space

Choosing the Best Time to Divide Perennials

How to Avoid Attracting Bees to the Garden

Raised Vegetable Beds

Perennial Plant of the Year

Specialty Themes for Children's Gardens

Gardening Projects for Children

Growing Amaryllis Bulbs

Gardening Trends; What's Hot, What's Not

Recognizing the Affects of De-Icers on Landscape

Deterring Deer from the Landscape

Choosing and Caring for the Perfect Fresh Cut
Christmas Tree

Cutting Back Perennials

Raking Leaves

Mother Nature's Recipe for Fall Color

The Plight of the Honeybee

Do Ants Help Peonies Bloom?

Go Green for Mother's Day Gifts

Special Spring Fling Addition

Plant a Victory Garden this Year

Finishing Touches for the Garden

Got a Green Thumb? Check out the Manchester
Garden Club

AIB Renovates Halderman Cemetery Memorial

Cutting Back Daffodil Foliage After Blooming

North Manchester Community Clean-Up Day

Repotting House Plants

Manchester Garden Club Events

Spring Landscape Clean-up Chores

Bird Feeding Basics for the Garden

Repairing Trees from Ice Damage

Resolve to Garden

Top Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

Putting Your Garden To Sleep for the Winter

Tulip Planting Time

How to Save Seeds Once You Find the Perfect

Shrub and Tree Infestation of Bagworm

Shrub Pruning Do's and Don'ts
Pesky Yellow Jacket Bees

How to Dry Flowers from the Garden

Growing Grass in the Shade

Find New Uses in the Garden for Old Junk in the

Growing Vegetables

Walnut Tree Toxicity

Enter Your Garden in the Manchester in Bloom

Creating a Water-Wise Landscape

How to Prune Mature Lilacs

The Particulars of Peonies

America in Bloom Plants Pride in North

Special Spring Newspaper Edition

North Manchester enters National America in
Bloom Contest

What's Hot & What's Not for Landscapes

Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Poinsettia Care

Fall Landscape Care

Too Late to Plant Bulbs?

Fall Leaf Clean-up

Compost Happens

Mums Add a Burst of Color

Fall Lawn Fertilization

Correct Mowing Height for Lawns

Pesky Skeeters....What to do about those

Mole Control

Preventing Weeds from Birdseed Drop

Battling Poison Ivy

Selecting the Proper Tree for your Landscape

Anticipating Frost

Tips for Building your Dream Landscape

Architecture in the Garden

Winter in April

Preventing Rabbit Damage

Spring Landscape Clean-up

Early Blooming Perennials

March into Spring with the Manchester Garden

Keeping Valentine's Flowers Fresh

Feeding Birds

Perennial of the Year

Winter Houseplant Care, Pruning Apple Trees,
Invasive Thistles

Choosing Easy to Grow Roses

How to Attract More Birds to the Garden

Easy to Grow Perennials that Boast lots of

Fall Tree Planting

Attracting Butterflies to the Garden

Fun Gardening Projects for Children

Utilizing Native Plant Species in the Landscape

Challenging Azaleas

Creating a Landscape with Era Plantings

Capturing Blue in the Garden

Plants that Survive Clay Soils

Techniques for Pruning Old Fashioned Lilacs

Mixing Perennials, Groundcovers and Bulbs